gotta love it lol

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Yes I am Fat

Yes I am Fat

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so i killed 3 bots at cursed energy. first time ever.. then guess what happens? max level guy with like 80m in gear pops in under me and one shots me :/ but yeah thats all good him protecting his business :P why not just remove cursed energy? literrally nothing else is worth botting also i dont think anyone else even uses cursed besides botters. :(

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Why do people assume these high level guys in stupid gear are bot herders.
Just the other day, I was off jumping people who were going after bots.
It makes far better sense - a naked bot with ~78 energies, or a player with gear, lots of energies and potentially a valuable weapon they don't know how to protect.

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Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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There are bots at other places too, just check the air altar or the Zamorak wine spawn near Goblin Village.

Report all the ones you see and suspect to be botting or protecting their bot farms.
One of the following doors might have a towel behind it: [SQRT(-1)] - [2^3] - [3.1415927]

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