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I played RS way back in 2006 and started back up with OSRS not too long ago. However, I was dumb and didn't realize I could continue with the same account for OSRS, just starting over with base stats, so I made a new one. I know it's a long shot, but is there any way to now link this accounts after the fact? Thanks

22-Mar-2019 17:50:31

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You can't - while you can use the same account for both games, they use separate character data. You'll always start the throwback with a base character.

I.E. just log into the throwback game using your normal account.

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OSRS is not the game you played way back in 2006, that game already evolved to RS3 today.

That is why you start from scratch for OSRS, as it is a completely separate game using the old graphics style of 2007.

I'm locking this thread as the suggestion is flawed, you are not in the Suggestions section and implementing your suggestion is unfair to other OSRS players that already trained their account prior to your entry.

22-Mar-2019 18:02:25

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