why rs or oldrs

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scousy said:
Tell you anything. My osrs rank at 46 hp is ranked 1877k. Osrs isn't really too grindy. They added more content with increased xp rates and quests that give small xp lamps. If you have a decent amount of quest points you can do tears of guthix in osrs to skip levels once per week. You only need 99 in all skills to be fully maxed.

So if you want to do Tear of Guthix once a weeks for many many many years just to be able to do some quests in OSRS, then like I mentioned, just be happy to be the 1877000th "best" player in that game.

However, if you want to be just spend a week or two to get into major game content like Battle Royale in modern living games like Fortnite, MOBA and social games then old school MMORPG s are definitely not your choice.

If you are somewhere in between of a MMORPG type of player but are OK to spend say a month or so to get into end game boss fighting, or no minimum requirement elite dungeons, or just play for fun and earn rewards in free admitting world events then perhaps you find RS3 is something that suits you.

The choice is yours.

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RS3 for me... I've played for a long time and got most of my levels using the old slow ways (Monkfish to 99, anyone?). I've grown lazy in my play time, I don't have the time or patience for OSRS anymore.

Plus the whole starting all over again thing... I mean I did start, but... yeah. No patience anymore. Give it time and OS will become RS3.1
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