Summer Escape Problem

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As someone who completed livid farm for comp, Any opportunity to make it easier for players to finish and leave the better. I can't believe this "content" is still in-game. royal society magazine

We would agree that regardless of the profitability of the loot box trade, the risks associated with them are worryingly high

06-Aug-2019 00:08:32

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I was a little disappointed that the minigame weekend from last year's was omitted entirely. Livid is the big one, but it would be nice to, say, have the +1 medal bonus for Fish Flingers or the double progress in the slog that is the Dominion Tower that was offered last Summer.

I suppose the reason for this is that there's only four weeks this year instead of the five last year (with LOoT replacing the Menaphos bonus and Soph's part of said weekend being rolled into Slayer). And, given that this one lasts all week, I won't lose any sleep over it-- still, it feels like a little bit of a missed opportunity (also, no Ports bonus this year? Doesn't really affect me now that I've fully unlocked everything but a few scrolls but I imagine newer players would have appreciated it)

06-Aug-2019 00:52:36

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I was also rather disappointed considering i was planning to make full use of it the next time these boost weeks came around, I assume if they did something with PoF they would still do livid along with it considering how big that minigame is for pvm in general not just for the completionist req.

I think a lot of people were disappointed with no livid boost this time round and I'd love to see it be added in if possible since we're still very early into the month, but seems unlikely.

06-Aug-2019 05:22:55

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