Salamanders are effed now

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Are you guys literally kidding me?

You just made botting salamanders inevitable and crashed all known prices of salamanders, congratulations Jagex!

You screwed the economy of the game ONCE AGAIN!

15-Jul-2019 21:45:46

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Same could be said for them adding tree seeds which were totally destroyed with POF, it seems nothing seems to bother them when it comes to the economy. royal society magazine

We would agree that regardless of the profitability of the loot box trade, the risks associated with them are worryingly high

15-Jul-2019 22:29:20

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To be completely fair, you can make more money running air runes at 99 RC or even Incandescant energy for half the effort.
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20-Jul-2019 01:30:12

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Wonderer said:
I guess I need more clarification on what was changed, I don't understand how the salamander market is going to be tanked with the new update.

Drawn from the blog post, my commentary in italics.

- Increased Salamander tree click box.
Well - makes it probably slighty more convenient to catch them.

- Salamanders now have a release all option.
At best that makes salamanders more attractive for hunter xp, but that certainly has no impact on their value at all.

- More Black Salamanders and net trap hotspots have been added to the wilderness.
Are those new spots so much better to actually bank them?

- Adding a new, high level Yellow Salamander into the game.
Yellow salamander doesn't exist as an item, so at best it diverts the attention of the existing ones - albeit I do not have a clue how good they are for xp actually.

Unless it actually comes to the third point, none of those changes should have any impact on their value - and as for this I am not sure if it's so much better than the pre-update state.
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20-Jul-2019 07:08:43

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