Has ports been 'nerfed'?

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Over the last few days I have found the voyages un-inspiring in that I keep finding I have skipped through lots of 'junk' trips but end up with only 'junk' ones to send out.

Am I just temporarily unlucky and it will sort itself out?...................................

09-Jul-2019 19:03:55

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What? Nerfed? Not at all.

Port rewards have been enhanced, rather. Don't you see the POP Reward Enhancers and such getting added and then buffed shortly? :)

POP actually got elevated into a main game content from its side show status 7 years ago. Then, POP was just a nice to have distraction, but now POP is a big lore part of the pirate, The Arc and even the world-changing BlackStone/ED3 storylines.

09-Jul-2019 19:21:26

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