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I keep getting distracted by zygs, butterflies and stuff. But I finally made it through a whole lap and ended on 11:18 :P My second maxed char in Runescape. Played since 2001 :)

13-Jul-2019 07:14:58

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With Double Surge my best lap time is 7:36....since achieving that I couldn't break personal record. I guess i needed bladed dive and/or mobility perk, to get it under 7 minutes.

Not sure how you guys do

13-Jul-2019 16:21:32

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Update* New personal record 5:54. I average under 6:15 now on good runs and I'm happy with that. Takes a lot of practice. I do run the course in both directions to save time running the wall. I'd like to see high scores for this, but also a different record for each direction as I find them slightly different.
PM me for friendly races to pass the time, or if you would like help with lap improvement. Maybe I could learn some tips as well. Thanks.

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