How to smelt jewellery?

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I've read some other users have said you need the required gems in your inventory and then click the gold/silver bar to bring up the option

I have my inventory full of silver bars and lapis lazuli gems and this is not working for me. I do not see the ability to smelt gold or silver bars anywhere

I don't know if I am experiencing a bug or not

I can provide screenshots if it will help?

02-Mar-2019 12:49:05

Amaterasu Mi
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Amaterasu Mi

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The left side of a Furnace interface is divided into sub-sections.

Silver is in the Casting Metals section, click on the silver bar to get a menu of things to make with it.

If you still can't make any rings, the silver bars may need to be deposited first (a right-click option on the furnace).

02-Mar-2019 13:07:04

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