When heat is full at artisans,

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David James
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David James

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On one hand I agree, on the other I'm presuming it's to separate people that afk with people that pay attention.

If you're already re-heating manually for max heat (not using superheat form) what's one more click? I think this would make superheat form even easier to use; just click once when it drops under 33% heat, which takes a couple mins at max smithing.

Just seems like it'd make things too easy, which is a trend we need to start pulling away from not gravitating towards imo. Only takes 2 clicks to re-heat and get back to the pounding, kinda lazy to ask one be removed. Just use superheat form if you wanna do afk/easy smithing.

So i'mma vote no, sowwies.

09-Jan-2019 16:30:10

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Tophurious said:
Serene Steel said:
On the other, it's just one click. :P

all that needs to be said

thats one way to look at it

another would be that its a 100% increase in the amount of clicks

thats double the amount of clicks

total support for this

09-Jan-2019 22:20:54

Jan Gold Premier Club Member 2006


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This would be kind of nice, anyone that's paying attention is going to be clicking the heater to keep heat above 66% so I don't see why they should have to click the anvil again

11-Jan-2019 15:30:25

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