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Hi all,

Just wanted to share my opinion about the current hunter xp rates ingame after the land out of time was released.

I haven't had the change to fully explore the island yet and thus haven't tried big game hunter yet as well. However, the current hunter xp rates (especially shiny tortles and crystal chompas) are lowered in substantial amounts. I know Jagex has previously stated they planned on doing this, and I agree that the xp rates were broken.

However, there are so many people who have achieved 200mil (or 120) hunter with the old xp rates, making it (in my opinion) unfair to nerf the xp rates by half.

Me and all other players who have not achieved 120/200mil hunter yet have had enough time to achieve this, but I (and probably many other players) preferred to do other things in RS before the xp rates were nerfed. It is actually absurd to force players to enjoy a specific piece of content within a certain period of time to play as efficient as possible.

Thus, although the xp rates were maybe a little bit overpowered, I'm aksing you Jagex, please increase the xp rates for shiny tortles and crystal chompas again. Or at least increase them to make them more similar to the old xp rates.

Please feel free to give your opinion if you disagree (or agree) :)

09-Jul-2019 15:40:17

0uma Kokichi

0uma Kokichi

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Agreed. I’m glad Jagex doesn’t own a farm. They have a habit of locking the gates only after all the horses have bolted.

Then again, even if they do own a farm I don’t actually care since they’re not my animals. But you guys get the picture.
Why do you guys hate lies so much? There's only one truth, but endless possibilities for lies, y'know? And some of them are only white lies, or lies to be kind to people... If you deny all of that just because it's a lie then that means you guys are just terrible at being lied to!

09-Jul-2019 15:45:19

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