Enhanced Grappling Hook

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I didn't know this item existed and in the recent patch...

"Players who have an equipped crossbow and Mithril grapple will find it no longer breaks if they already have an enhanced grappling hook on their toolbelt."

I'm glad that this was finally revealed as it was always a pain in the ass to have to run to a bank to get one.

Have a Mithril Crossbow + Mithril Grapple + 5 mithril bars. Use the grapple with the crossbow and you get the enhanced grappling hook and can add it to the tool belt.

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I've had one for awhile (have not used it yet) but recently noticed that the hidey-holes at the shortcuts are gone or empty. There is a build option but it says I already built them. So I was wondering if this happens after one equips the enhanced grappling hook. Or did I simply miss an update? The point of the journey is not to arrive.

23-Jul-2019 02:42:14

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