Slayer lodge tier 3

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J R Kerr said:
I put hp cape on stand at player lodge and it works.

not the player lodge, the slayer lodge

completely different

and then there's the black lodge, which is in a whole world of its own
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Kronhos said:
Rikornak said:
Seemingly somebody on reddit complained though they're currently not receiving the xp bonus from the slayer helm, the other passive perks are working though. Can't confirm it for myself, since I am currently upgrading other buildings.

can confirm it doesn't work

they had one job

They’ll fix it in yet another patch note week!

26-Aug-2019 21:06:22

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Jeremy Cheng said:
Wondering when all slayer helm bonuses from slayer lodge tier 3 will be fixed.

Well it should be obvious that we won't get the armour bonus from both the slayer helm and what we're wearing in lieu of it.

Teleports would be nice to have, but active effects do not work on the skill cape stand either - but that basically should be doable by adding the teleports to the spell book - akin to the max/comp cape ones.

But well - unlockable effects like the ferocious ring boost and the extra xp certainly should be fixed.
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