No archaeology? No new skill?

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SandyHorizon said:
I hope a new skill isn't introduced. They still need to fix construction for PoH. In OSRS, my understanding is they can change rooms around without having to remake them, that would be awesome for RS3. But, no, you plan badly and that's that, unless you want to destroy everything else. The workbench mechanics are horrible. Why do we need to go through the "get up" from table move to make more flatpacks when your efficiency thinger kicks in and gives you enough to make more? Overall, construction is a clunky mess and has been in need of fixing for a very long time.

As for not knowing what to do when maxed, there are plenty of achievements and even the MQC to keep you busy, pets to go for whether skilling or bossing, improving PVM with higher level bosses, new content to try for drops, etc. I don't know, I've been maxed for a while and still find fun things to do. But, to each their own :-)

Jagex already addressed the POF room change part. They said they wanted to do a much larger scale update than just a petty room change and that is still far far far smaller scaled than a new skill.

No saying Jagex can't be making a new skill... like Prancing :P... or Archeology or Expedition
also a construction rework outside the POH.

29-Jul-2019 16:54:45

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