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I was curious if the summer weekend for double drop chance at lore books in elite dungeon applies for story mode or just normal mode. I am around 20 runs of ed3 story mode with no lore books using master dungeonering cape. I've seen the other lore books are around a 1/10 chance meaning double drop chance would be a 1/5, so am I just unlucky or does the double chance not apply in story mode?

22-Aug-2019 04:36:01

Max Zuba
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I was also wondering this.

Currently killed necromancer 26 times on story mode this week and still no lore book.

At twice the drop rate i was hoping to have got it by now.
Is the necromancer's lore book drop rate rarer than the others ?

22-Aug-2019 15:28:22

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Behaven said:
I did quite a few before this week and some since still need book 2 in Ed3 whats the point of them not being a guaranteed drop just rng nonsense

They have a threshold mechanic, but it sadly doesn't work in story mode. Yeah and well not guaranteed to make that mechanic and other drop boosters like the master dungeoneering cape (and probably this event) more relevant.
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23-Aug-2019 07:51:41

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