Big Game Hunter Jadinkos: WHY?

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It would seem you neglected to mention in your patch post that Jadinkos now spawn occasionally, causing the dinosaur to break it already often FUBAR'd path to chow down on them. Avoiding those damn things is hard enough without a curve ball, thank you, please remove them.

15-Jul-2019 15:02:59

hispid gnome
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hispid gnome

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according to reddit post [linked in patch notes] the jadinkos will distract the dinosaurs. while the dinosaurs feed their detection will be off giving us more time. So far I have not sen jadinkos to test.
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15-Jul-2019 16:03:00

Mr Symax
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Mr Symax

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Agreed with the Jadinko there now is no real pattern. If it was once or even twice a game. Yet the dino never get thru a single patern without them appearing. Especially frustrating when you fix the plate and the jadinkos appear next to it. I find no advantage in having them help distract dino. If anything they throw off the pattern to be more a negative than a help. Mr. Simax
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LOL.. the jadinkos add some fun to the game.. plus it is easy to know which direction the dino will go.. just open your eyes and watch where the jadinkos spawn.. and it only appear in one dino instance only..

15-Jul-2019 17:37:38

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stop trying to find logic with this company.

Lots of player suggestions instead they add a really bad new mechanic that looks horrid.

I mean seriously, the dino takes a bite walks over the jadinkos and they vanish and on occasions one still remains then disappears after awhile. How professional. such high standards these days.
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15-Jul-2019 17:41:42

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