BGH dino radius and speed

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i think it's real dumb arc arpoterasaur is so difficult as the "entry" BGH creature

this is the first exposure people get (assuming they don't buy meat), especially if doing miniquest

yet it's so pointlessly difficult because little room to move in. at least now we don't get punished for failing the encounter anymore. but it's seriously a pain especially with only 1 grass to hide in and 2 trees, one which is actually a trap if you use it (east one will literally lock you in and get caught by the dino).

to those saying they don't take 20-30 mins I suggest hunting exclusively this one. it is quite literally that bad. makes me think no one at jagex actually tried it aside from watching it walk around.
bring back the lumbridge pig pit

19-Jul-2019 21:55:08

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