Is the a known bug?

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Today at the event when doing rc, all of my interface windows are locked and unavailable. They weren抰 yesterday. I can抰 even few friend lists or cc. Is this a known bug or something new that抯 been implemented. As soon as I stop spilling and step away from activity they return

30-Jul-2019 18:45:40

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Its a "lazy" way to prevent us from doing other actions.
It was discovered that some events, like hunter and rc where we stood still, we could alch or fletch too. (there is actually a bug in agility that can allow us to stand still too).

we could also use abilities like bd or surge to move and still gain the xp of the skilling station. You couldn't really do much more than find other areas to be in.

They locked the windows of hunter and rc similar to agility and dunge to prevent (their hope) these actions.

That said, you can still find some bugs, like standing still in the agility one

I really hate the clan chat list being closed.
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