Sigil Re-imbursment

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so just come online to see that sigil update...
so dragon slayer sigil going rate was 16-18m even though GE price was less around the 10m mark...
any reason why a FULLY CHARGED sigil only gave me back 5m...

once again Jagex screwing the community...

19-Aug-2019 19:56:32

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Would it make you feel better to know this update was only added so new players of mobile won't get too confused? royal society magazine

We would agree that regardless of the profitability of the loot box trade, the risks associated with them are worryingly high

19-Aug-2019 22:27:07

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I'm still waiting for my limitless to be reimbursed. Had a fully charged one before the update and was given only 17 vital sparks. Can anyone else say scammed by Jagex?

26-Aug-2019 16:20:49

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Only refunding you half the materials is correct, actually.
The refund was for the materials used to create the sigil before the update. After the update, the materials needed to make them got doubled.

So if a sigil costs 10m worth of resources, then you would have been refunded 5m worth of resources as that's what it would have cost to make it before the update.

Example: Limitless Sigil used to cost 1k Vital Sparks. After the update, it was changed to 2k. Anyone who had a fully charged sigil would be refunded 1k sparks, as that's what would have been required to make the sigil originally.

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