No Summer Beach Party?

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I'm reading the recent updates and see no mention of the summer beach party!

Is it true that it's not being held this year? On it's 5-year anniversary? Pretty disappointing if it's true - it was a great event to end the summer on. These weekend events they speak of are kind of lame.

05-Aug-2019 23:02:20

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They chose not to run it this year due to community burnout: all of our events take place in the crater and some of us despise the fact that we get nothing but constant temporary events now.
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06-Aug-2019 00:07:43

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The Summer Skill-Off was intended as this year's replacement for the Summer Beach Party, I think. That worked out well for me personally: I had several years of the Summer Beach Party to boost my Construction, but now it's at 99.... and my Dungeoneering was 109 going into the Summer Skill-Off, but 114 coming out. And I'm working on 115.

But I'm not the only person playing RuneScape!

Of course, not everything in RuneScape was timed well for my development as a player. Thus, Menaphos came along after I had already gotten into Prifddinas. Player-Owned Farms came along after I had 99 Farming, if I remember correctly. Prifddinas came along over a year before I could get in to it, so I missed the anniversary party even.

I am torn between, on the one hand, accepting that too much easy xp detracts from the game, to feeling that easy xp is much appreciated, and should be available in a balanced way so that everyone has a chance.

But as I've stated before, what the game needs is fun-to-play content at lower levels, and by this I don't mean minigames. People should be able to have fun advancing the central plot of the game - the quest sequence - the hero's job of saving Glienor!

10-Aug-2019 15:54:52

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IIRC, the idea was for Breaking the Storm and the Skill Off to be the replacements for this year. Combined they ran for about the same amount of time as the beach did.

I will admit, I'm a little disappointed, too. I was really looking forward to getting the Swimming Outfit this year (there are very few outfits where male characters go barechested, which I wanted for FashionScape) since, being on hiatus for almost a decade, one summer wasn't enough to unlock it last year)

Ah well, at least the summer has been plentiful for sweet, sweet XP.

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It's a relief. I still have excess fayre, summer beach, octoberfest, and wintumber tokens, among others, clogging up my bank. I have thankfully cleared many away during the last year. I have no desire to start collecting more.
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11-Aug-2019 04:49:36

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