Comp rework: Yakamaru music

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I've created a group but it's telling me I need to be in a raid group for practice mode? I never use the grouping system so I don't know what I could be doing wrong.

03-Jul-2019 00:19:34

Mighty Gil
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Mighty Gil

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I went to wikki it told me how to work it step by step,
community icon
grouping system
great new group lower right
liberation under raids
click view select at bottom left
update group
ready lower right
complete group when pop up window appears
telly all when it appears . I did not know I mover one squre lol

hope was some help

03-Jul-2019 14:37:47

Sy Devore
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Sy Devore

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I can't thank your enough for the thread :D I was beginning to give up on getting my comp cape, now i only need the music track for Barbarian Assault, Trouble Brewing and Stealing Creation. Just a guy chilling and playing some RS :D

10-Aug-2019 08:43:20

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