Limit on number of mystery box

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Kaustubh Roy
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Kaustubh Roy

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In addition to the above buffs, there will be further bonuses on weekends from 12:00 on Fridays to 11:59 on Mondays:
1 additional free re-roll a day
Double skill outfit fragments
Double Menaphos rep
Double thaler
Double slayer points
Half boss instance cost
Chance of mystery boxes when skilling/killing

So I recieved my first two mystery boxes within an hour and have them in my inventory... I have been smithing and have empty slots. I haven't recieved any further mystery boxes for almost 2 hours since then. Is it because 2 boxes in inventory is the limit like we can own only a certain number of clue scrolls at a time or is it just my bad RNG luck kicking in?

09-Aug-2019 20:51:29

Dan Ur
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Dan Ur

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I was wondering where they came from, as I didn't see the above references till I found your thread.

I have gotten about 7 of them, twice I got two in a pile. I have used them as soon as I had room to open them.

Just been mining gem rocks in the al Karid resource dungeon, have been at that all day. When my porters run out I go get more, so can't tell you the drop rate, but it is rather steady.

I have played off and on for about 9 hours. so getting 7 seems okay to me.

Might just be a Random Number Generator curve issue. Or something like that, Try wiggling your fingers a bit. LoL.

09-Aug-2019 23:24:49

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