Anachronia -"Land out of time"

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JollyRagerRS said:
No one expects anything to be fully released on day 1, but what is expected is transparency for content to come, and at the very least...something worth while for majority of the playerbase to actually do...
Exactly. Companies are becoming extremely lazy and rushing out content. I assume the shareholders are to blame.

At least it was confirmed today that they have plans for more content, but knowing Jagex, that could take years.
Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!

09-Jul-2019 18:17:56

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Jamzi said:
Dilbert2001 said:
Mist Singer said:
The island is a LOT of running and stuff is WAY spread out, but the place is BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE it and I hope Jagex has plans for a lot more content on the island in the future!

I'm trying to stay away from spoiler sites to figure stuff out for myself.

Got all my workers gathering stone and wood (I think...), found half of the Zygomites, found a few totem pieces... Over all, I'm having a blast!

I REALLY think Jagex missed out on the "Examines"... Bones, plants, temple features... All of those things should be able to be examined.

I didn't come to the island "Kitted out" so the flora and fauna are wreckin' me, but I'll have my day...
Many players also don't seem to realize the very userful perks, even outside Anachronia, coming out of the Base Camp and totems. ;)

I think they do, just the perks aren't that very useful really.

well the extra cape perk and slayer helmet effects without wearing it are big boosts. you will get stats comparable to the comp cape stats moved on the reaper crew achievment just by wearing a random torva/virtus/pernix helm.

09-Jul-2019 18:24:35

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You don't realize your defense is all hypothetical speak, "if" "can" "possibly" and "maybe" ..."maybe" a new company buys out jagex and closes down Runescape? lawsuits can pile in and the world could come to an end. What can and what will are 2 different things and this content is limiting more so than ports ever was or will be. You are honestly, the biggest idiot i've probably seen on any forum and you ride the jagdong like its gonna do something positive for you. The facts are there, regardless of if you like it or not, it was poorly thought out and designed.

09-Jul-2019 18:56:00

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again...all this hype and what you have stated is a small factor of positive that can be pulled from this event other than a potion and possibly 2 totem effects, the rest don't even matter for MAJORITY of the players in this game as they are maxed/comp.

09-Jul-2019 18:58:24

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