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Been trying to explain to my clan about how I feel and came across this thread, thanks.

Honestly, I've been waiting for something like this to come and they've missed a huge opportunity to expand the invention and construction skills.

Just imagine creating your own plans of buildings etc. Then being able to build it yourself.

Exploring the island to its fullest, killing, harvesting, mining etc to find the resources to create your designs. Even if the designs are pre-created, it still gives you an opportunity to find ways on how to create them by studying the architecture around the area.

I don't know, feels too easy. Land on Island, don't need to clean the area that has rubble and debris everywhere, set up base, send workers out (even though the cut-scene had us running from a monster, but a worker can go out and chop ivy without help).
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09-Jul-2019 14:27:01

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Steelweaver said:
Dilbert2001 said:
Players enjoy POP since 2012. Player asked for POP updates often.

"Mobile-esque trash" POP is loved by the players... because it is not mobile-esque trash at all. It is just some nice offline minigame that give big rewards and powers to the players.

If Base Camp is not a similar offline minigame then it would be just another piece of grindy trash.

I'd personally rather grind content in three weeks than continue logging in once a week for nine weeks.

You can still grind content in three weeks at your discretion while you are doing the Base Camp. The mechanics of Base Camp is not any different than POP. Both of them give you EXTRA optional content and rewards at the expanse of just a few minutes a day.

09-Jul-2019 18:08:33

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