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With the most recent update, the Raffle has been brought back but this time with new rewards and a new interaction.

This interaction allows for players who purchase an item to gain a benefit over players who do not. The problem with this is that it allows players who use multiple accounts to have a higher chance of obtaining these rewards, such as:

• Golden Godswords
• Portable deposit boxes
• Golden Warpriest armour
• Deathtouched darts
• Golden Barrows equipment
• Golden Chaotic equipment
• Protean packs
• the Golden version of Linza the Disgraced’s Barrows equipment

Previously there has been a player or players who have used a large number of accounts to "rig" the rewards. More accounts means more entries, but the catch was for each account they had to log-in every day to have equal chances. This year that downside no longer exists since the new recent addition to this update.

As a result, rigging the rewards becomes a real concern.


I believe Jagex should do something to prevent players from rigging the rewards rather than helping players rig the rewards. It isn't fair for players such as myself who only use one account. If Jagex cannot do this, they should remove the Raffle all together.
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