Breathing underwater

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Myrtle states her spell works on you as long as you're near her during the quest, so the area around the wizard tower would be covered by this. Since she doesn't want to come along to the reef the motivation is given to make this potion in the first place.

Lorewise the potion only works in the reef, since one of the components is a 'resident of the depths you wish to traverse' - speak: the fish used.

Also the potion doesn't last for long since your character states they're able to dive for the next few hours (or something like this) after returning to Bryll. Since subsequent reef runs play in the past (or runs before you drank the potion in the future) that wouldn't work as a permanent ability to dive without aid.

I think somehow earning the ability to dive without equipment (or using the aquarium suit everywhere) could be a cool niche reward for something though.
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