Breathing underwater

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In the new quest,
we run around and make a potion that means we can breathe underwater
so that we can enter the Shadow Reef dungeon...

So why doesn't this effect last for other places, like the monthly Oyster D&D? The NPC involved is the one who told me what to do for the quest, after all!

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01-Mar-2019 11:56:53

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During the quest Beneath Cursed Tides, Wizard Myrtle casts a spell upon you, enabling you to breathe while you dive down to investigate the fate of Tutorial Island and its tutors. That spell lasts beyond the end of the quest, since you may dive down to do the fishing and farming D&Ds without even having to talk with Myrtle - UNLESS it's just presumed she casts the spell on you each time you dive, without the need to speak with her. I'm just throwing out a theory here. I have no evidence to prove or disprove Myrtle casts a new spell on you before you dive down for the fishing/farming XP. I only know you can dive without having to talk with her.

01-Mar-2019 20:28:32

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Aslon Dak said:
It would make it simpler if Myrtle would just teach you that underwater breathing spell, or is there a reason against that given in this new quest?

there is no need coz we make a magic potion that lets us breath underwater.

it lasts after the quest, as you can repeat shadow reef

unless of course, that in the actual lore, you are not repeating the shadow reef, but just completing it for the first time repeatedly?

with jagex, its a possibility lol

02-Mar-2019 14:46:06

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Myrtle states her spell works on you as long as you're near her during the quest, so the area around the wizard tower would be covered by this. Since she doesn't want to come along to the reef the motivation is given to make this potion in the first place.

Lorewise the potion only works in the reef, since one of the components is a 'resident of the depths you wish to traverse' - speak: the fish used.

Also the potion doesn't last for long since your character states they're able to dive for the next few hours (or something like this) after returning to Bryll. Since subsequent reef runs play in the past (or runs before you drank the potion in the future) that wouldn't work as a permanent ability to dive without aid.

I think somehow earning the ability to dive without equipment (or using the aquarium suit everywhere) could be a cool niche reward for something though.
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Aslon Dak

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Ah yes, now it makes sense. I had forgotten that bit from Beneath Cursed Tides. This explains why just being near enough to Myrtle allows us to repeatedly dive down for that extra Fishing & Farming XP without the need for another spell. Thanks! :)

03-Mar-2019 03:20:27

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