Comp: An Analysis of Logic

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I guess this is what happens when you make two capes that are supposed to represent one thing: completionism. You don't need two capes for that. One is quite enough.

A rework was needed because comp honestly had no clear-cut identity. It was picking and choosing things it wanted to include and not include. It wasn't consistent. Every time a new requirement or major piece of content was added to the game, it would trigger arguments about comp cape - whether it's because it included a requirement players think shouldn't be there, or that it's missed something players feel should be include.

It was a constant back-and-forth bickering contest between players that wanted the cape to represent what they felt it should represent. You had die-hard grinders wanting it to be all about true completionism and then you had others that wanted requirements on there, as long as they were reasonable (which can be subjective).

The initial idea was getting somewhere. It had great potential. It had something for almost everyone. Unfortunately though, Jagex went against it using the excuse of "players find it too complex" when in reality they likely couldn't be bothered putting in the extra work to do it right.

While I like the fact I can get the cape back after waiting since Solak's release, I can see that the rework has really done nothing. It has not given the cape a clear-cut identity, not solved the endless bickering about what this cape should be and likely made things seemingly worse.

They should have kept to their original proposal. If they did, this rework would be been far more successful, not only would it have appeased those that couldn't get the old comp happier, it would also have made those die-hard players happy as well. Their simplified design only appeased the less capable and angered those that wanted more. It's not what should have happened.

This is just a case of Jagex taking the easy way out. May the never-ending debate of, "What is comp?" continue.

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