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For those who don't want to venture over to Reddit, here are the known Egg Locations

15/15 Eggs have been found!

Al Kharid - NE of the Al Kharid Mine.
Burthorpe - NE Building (Outside Gauise's House).
Daynor Manor - SE section of Trees.
Edgeville - Upstairs of the Building N of the bank.
Falador - S of the Gem Shop.
Falador - Up on the wall in the NE Corner.
Karamja - Center of the Banana Plantation
Lumbridge - Top Floor of Lumbridge Church
Port Sarim - Second to the South Pier (Next to Klarense - boat from Dragon Slayer)
Rimmington - SE Building
Varrock - May's Quest Caravan
Varrock - E of the Blue Moon Inn.
Varrock - Upstairs NW Room in the Jolly Boar Inn (NE of Varrock/W of the Sawmill).
Wizard's Tower - N Room of the Second floor UK/Floor beneath the top.
Citherede Abbey - Behind the musician outside

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Thank you for posting this. :) One question, though. Is there any notification when one has found all of them?If not, is there ANY way to find out if I did? I received no notice, so wondering if I failed to click on one of them.

Thanks for any answers. :)

15-Apr-2019 16:57:00

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I didn't receive a notification either, but I'm certain I collected them all, so I assume there isn't one.

The only reward for collecting them is the event currency, right?

15-Apr-2019 17:00:55

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