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As of today, I'm prompted with the CAPTCHA verification when trying to log in to the site. You know, click all of the pictures with cars, and whatnot. Is this a new thing with the website, or is it something on my side?
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14-Jul-2019 03:36:38

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captcha appears due to variety of factors, most of the time when you type pw incorrectly but I think also regionally if you have moved recently

the most annoying thing is when you get a CAPTCHA in CHINA where google is blocked and have literally no way to sign into the website outside of the game client

of course the big brains at jagex don't see this as an issue
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14-Jul-2019 05:52:48

Aslon Dak

Aslon Dak

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CAPTCHA is horrible, overhyped, and obnoxious, like pretty much everything related to Google.

I just started seeing this Google garbage on Friday, and for no good reason. My password has been perfectly fine. I have not changed my location or my computer.

I submitted a bug report.
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14-Jul-2019 07:15:20

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I got it 3 times in a day last week, had it a few times since, no idea why. annoying as hell.

Though my clan has said they have seen an increase in bots since DXW was announced, So it may be jagex having a bot problem again. Too busy investing money in other games to keep bot watch upto date probably.
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