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I would like to give feedback on the most recent update to the game.

The most recent update is: September Raffle & Anachronia Summer Week

According to the Forum specific rules:

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The Recent Game Updates Forum is the primary source of feedback used by the RuneScape Developers, particularly on and around game updates. We love your constructive feedback, and would love to see what you think about an update that was released within the last 2 weeks!

Since the update is less than 2 weeks old, and since it is feedback I believe my post should exist on this forum. If this is not the correct place to provide this feedback, please direct me the correct place to provide my feedback on this recent update.


The September Raffle, the most recent update, introduces new content and a new interaction to the game. It allows for players who purchase and use an item to gain a benefit over other players who do not in order to gain an advantage in Raffle. This normally wouldn't be an issue as each ticket holds the same value.

However, players who use multiple accounts will have more entries in the Raffle, this having a higher chance of the following rewards:

• Golden Godswords
• Portable deposit boxes
• Golden Warpriest armour
• Deathtouched darts
• Golden Barrows equipment
• Golden Chaotic equipment
• Protean packs
• the Golden version of Linza the Disgraced’s Barrows equipment!

In the past this concern wasn't as strong since they had to log-in every day on an alt account to gain that advantage. However, that downside does not exist with the most recent update.

I'm not sure if players will use multiple accounts to do this, so I'm not saying they are breaking rules or doing anything wrong, but shouldn't there be a way to make sure every player only has 1 entry per ticket rather than every account


If this concern can't be addressed or resolved then my feedback for this recent update is that the Raffle shouldn't exist.
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Please don't remake a locked thread.

This was left for you on Forum Help.

@Im Rubic

Jagex have in place safeguards for the raffle which they introduced lastyear and was posted about on several threads complaining about the raffle.

You can't make threads accusing members of the community of rigging the raffle because they have a few accounts. Thats why your thread was locked.

If you feel it was in error then you can use the Review thread.
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