Fossil Island is AMAZING!!

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KijinSeija said:
Dilbert, show proof u played osrs or shut up about it

What? Who is talking about OSRS here? We are talking about Anachronia, the RS3 Land Out Of Time.

Didn't you see I even commented on "Leave Fossil Island to the OSRS players", I am just commenting on why the RS3 Anachronia will not be dead content. It will be amazing! :)

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Add a third paying player enjoying the update.

I think LOOT is amazing. A little annoying to get around in, but in time, I'll get the lay of the land. Hell, I still get turned around in Priff from time to time.
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Johan Rayne
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funny i thought the op was being sarcastic or sardonic or something. anyhow if i wrote it i would have been.

bravo company was fun for a minute. the agility course at this time is sporadic not really going anywhere. speaking of which, the dead ends and effort to get to a destination remind me of detroit and shanghai in human revolution. unnecessarily irritating. i haven't seen a beast i could kill except maybe if i can safespot, forcing mage.

afk hunting was a plus is that just on the island or do all butterflies do that?

rts gathering resources and upgrading will be cool for a moment. hopefully there will be more to do long term, cause it seems that base camp is pretty much all i will do after the initial exploration.

initially i am disappointed, wonder how lower levels feel, hope the updates improve my experience. i did think this would be as good of an update as priff.

i saw the orthen city song, the only way orthen can be on fossil is if kerapac left fossil ( back in the day) to the island he discovered and then brought dinos back to fossil his home island. according to previous lore.

suckered, bought a membership 2 months early.

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