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Anima Nexus

Anima Nexus

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Hey just get it right and make it juicy.

July was pretty dull for updates, but I feel like people on here should, as a whole, get outside more often, so I don't mind.

anyone else finding this new "relic" idea makes for rather boring game play though? Running dungeons is about the loot, you do it for the loot. Relics, and what was mentioned as the replacement for armor in m&s are bound to make combat virtually emotionless." oh dang now I'm fighting a guy with some badass spear, hope i get...o another relic, better put it with the 25 others.."

boring, I'd rather boot up skyrim and run some rando cave with rando creatures, at least I get the classic feel of diverse loot and a juicy chest at the end.

24-Jul-2018 03:55:29

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