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Updated: Re-posting now, and hopefully I won't keep spamming after this.

Make us proud Raven Senpai!!!

I think it should be a social place, over anything else. I always imagined that if the Aviansie wanted to contemplate anything, they just flew the skies to be alone with their thoughts.

PLEASE DO NOT LET ARMADYL BE IN HIS TOWER POST ENDGAME AT THE SAME TIME. I swear Kara said during BnB that the godless would work to make sure that the Gods do not remain in the area once the battle was over.

I would LOVE if you moved the "homeless" Armadyleans there (all the NPC's from BnB that aren't currently in-game, like Kaimee, Gee'ka, and Taka'ra), and just gave them some fun dialogue.

Maybe give Armadyl dialogue updating us on his stuff with Seren. At the very least just some dialogue on what it's like to reclaim his old base.

Deathcrezt5 said:

What if in the council room we have a bunch of high classed aviansies( like army generals, political figures and the such) discussing stuff in the room...

Incidental Dialogue would probably be best.

Amascut said:

Janus being in a cell would be a nice add, to keep his little bit of dialogue.


ZircronSwift said:

I would like to see Aviansies from different tribes and professions and learn about how they dealt with the struggles of their homeland, how they got the metal to work their weapons (as I hear they are master blacksmiths). Is the ore obtained within the floating platforms or near the surface where the water was collected?

I would enjoy seeing one or two new characters who may have came from "New" Abbinah from the civilian caste (or what-have-you)

Mod Raven said:
The court of Armadyl
Assuming no XP/physical rewards, would anyone be interested in this?

It sounds fun, but I feel like it would become dead content pretty fast..
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Elf of Seren said:
But Janus is still there (I believe), and I'm not really sure where an appropriate place to move him would be.

Sulking in a corner. Chucked out on an island.

Or just gone. There doesn't really seem to be much of a purpose for him being in-game at this point.
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Heads up.

I am currently working on an outline for a bit of a miniquest for this. Something tales like, so don't expect anything heavy or time consuming. Wouldn't be much, but should help with the feel of reclaiming it, rather than just finding it reclaimed, if you see the difference. :)

For obvious reasons I'm going to keep the details of said miniquest secret, but wanted you to know I've taken that feedback on. :)

= Raven =

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Quiet contemplation. The aviansies were nearly driven to extinction and I think the location should reflect that.

I would really like to have an optional miniquest featuring the citadel. It could be like the god wars 2 miniquest featuring 2-3 characters and detailing their backgrounds and losses during the war. Either that or it could be a miniquest like sheep shearer that gives us some insight about the day to day activities of the average aviansie.

If you consider these miniquests, I wanted to say that I prefer second one more than the first. I think the god wars/fighting get enough attention as it is and the religious extremism shown by some characters in the game is a bit too much. I don't want any more of it to be added. I think it would be nice to have a more positive miniquest about hope and familial bonds of a near extinct species instead.

EDIT: I see that you are making a miniquest. I look forward for doing the miniquest when it is released :)

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My main idea involves some sort skilling activity, with heavy tie-ins to the lore, with the goal of reclaiming the citadel. It would be a mixture of D&D and a mini-quest, which once completed for the first time would allow aviansies and Armadyl to reclaim the citadel. Armadyl could potentially move into the citadel himself, but I'll let you decide on this, Raven. Alternatively he could be both at the top of his tower and in the citadel.

As for what exactly this D&D should be I'm thinking that it would be focused around rebuilding the citadel, removing Sliske's marks on it and constructing new Armadylean decorations. It could very well connect to the activities of World Event II. Maybe we would gather divination energies to use for magically cleansing the area? Constructing new and cool aviansie artefacts? Maybe even open up some kind of portal to Abbinah (I have no idea how this lore-wise would work, just throwing this crazy idea out there)?

One could of course also involve a bit of combat in this. Maybe we have to fight some kind of minions of Sliske? Low- to mid-level shadows of some kind? Potentially, they could be fought with skilling, maybe through a combination of divination and magic?

Once the citadel is reclaimed aviansies would move in and could be interacted with. I believe it would be cool if there could be some aviansie reseachers hanging out in the citadel, studying topics related to Gielinor, such as runecrafting and divination. The motivation for this research could be to make aviansie life easier both on Abbinah and Gielinor.

The feel of the area would be a social and intellectual one. The citadel would be a place where players could hang out, get some skilling xp and chat to fellow other players. It would be a wonderful place for us Armadyleans to just hang out.

Finally; whatever you do, don't forget to add in a bank chest in the area. #NoXpWaste ;3
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Mod Raven said:
AsiaGayJesus said:
As for the cit itself, there could be some aviansies which will act as an extra spot for killing aviansies. A spot for people to kill aviansies without killing spiritual creatures.

You want to reclaim the citadel for Armadyl so that you can slaughter his followers?

Does that not strike you as odd? :P

= Raven =

Now that you put it that way, it does sound ridiculous... :P

Serene Cat said:
AsiaGayJesus said:
As for the cit itself, there could be some aviansies which will act as an extra spot for killing aviansies. A spot for people to kill aviansies without killing spiritual creatures.

What if they "died" in the same way that elves in Priff did?

Maybe those will be criminals or enemies of Armadyl. One of the room in the easter event does look like a jail imo.

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Quick initial ramblings:

A tales? Sounds great. With the 3rd Age Armadyl model you could even have flashbacks technically :) Work some divination in there if wanted.

I would love to see what it might've been used for back in the day for instance. Image seeing Armadyl having an audience with a god back in those days for instance, maybe even Bandos considering their temporary alliance? This is dreaming bigger though.

I'm not sure a skilling activity in agility is very necessary but maybe you can find a niche. It'd be a good way to get the Cliffhanger track back in the game if nothing else. I can see if I can think of other activities.

I would personally like to see the various rooms populated in some form with varying features, perhaps restore some of what they were used for in the 3rd Age.

I would like to see Armadyl's new small model present, good way to keep using it for the time being. He could just have the same dialogue as large form if needed.

Since Armadyl is taking over the place it will need a new way to get to it other than the Invitation Box. I'd suggest either doing something on Armadyl's Tower (but that might require work there as well which would expand scope) or maybe giving a teleport to Taw'Paak. Just to make it very official.

Maybe have an altar there, possibly give some feature to the already existing Aviansie memorial.

Add a bank there, if possible themed, I think the WE2 caravans could be repurposed to be a fun themed Armadyl bank.

High characters would be fun to see, Kamiee, Taka'ra, maybe even Kree'Arra?

If possible let us see some non-Aviansie followers around, generic if needed. Perhaps something that's not human or Aviansie?
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27-Apr-2017 10:10:50

Mod Raven

Mod Raven

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Random idea:

The court of Armadyl

Periodically criminals are brought in to the citadel to be judged. The player acts as inquisitor and judge and must determine the fate of the criminal. Cases should not be black and white, as true justice is a tricky thing to find.

The classic "is the thief who stole a loaf of bread to feed his starving family really deserving of imprisonment?" and so forth.

Would predominantly be just a repeatable bit of story content and to encourage those present to discuss the case before giving judgement. Could even be a group activity where the judgement is given by committee and tallied up across all the players who participate.

Assuming no XP/physical rewards, would anyone be interested in this?

= Raven =

27-Apr-2017 10:12:38

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If you're not expanding graphics or making pro #1 skilling, might as well dig into the citadel theme.

What I've really wanted is a fix to clan isolation. We've lost clan wars, we've lost the clan camp. Clans don't fight anymore.

How difficult would it be to copy some citadel plots (affect your clan cap), boxing ring, clan war portals, and recoloured ba-horn (that a coordinator+ can call clan dragon to fly around the area) on orbiting islands of the citadel in the shared instance? That means
* social xp (without imbalancing any skill's xp rates)
* solo dueling
* clan dueling
* clan recruitment

in a communal area. Just as the armadyleans are a wounded people trying to reclaim and reform into something greater, the Empyrean citadel becomes a beacon for strengthening clans' ties.

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