2019 Runefest Reveals Speculat

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New skill, it is a pretty safe guess, although it may be announced before Runefest.

Release of RS3 Mobile, although it is technically not a RS3 content update.

XXL project to be released in the first quarter of 2020.

Elder Gods quests/lore featuring dragonkin.

A lot of Anachronia updates.

Other updates that are likely to come next year, and may be revealed in Runefest:

Armor Diversities.

Construction rework.

POP Underwater expansion.

ED4 (and maybe ED5).

Skilling boss (personally I'll rather don't have such a boss if its mechanics is as non-existing as Zalcano.

Bank rework 2 among other "shelved" ideas due to the engine team being tied up by other non-rs3 requirements. For instance, Group Ironman and Skilling Off-hand.

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