How long do we wait?

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How long are we supposed to wait for you to get it together?

Between the apologies for lack of delivery in 2017, apology for how time/resources were allocated, and a couple apologies on MTX/TH, what are we waiting for? And how long do we wait?

Then to have the idea that people want to hear the next 5yrs of RS3 when you can't even get a plan down for this year, or detail the next year. A 5 year plan is for someone who wants to buy a house, not a party hat. I can guarentee I will notwait around for 5yrs hoping something will get done.

Quit dragging me (us) along or you'll have to pull harder and harder.

24-Oct-2017 12:25:51

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Yeah, they've made some major mistakes this year when it comes to planning and I really hope they learn from this and plan better in general whenever it comes to resolutions or whatever. But why complain? We should also do OUR part as a Community and be supportive and actually give out constructive feedbacks. We're also at fault as a Community over the years, we've been so terrible when it comes to voting, we don't vote on what we FULLY want but just for the sake of it coming faster etc.

And the whole 5 year thing... You do realise that plan is just for Skilling, right? And you do realise that there was no muck up prior to the whole reveal of the 5 year plan, right? 5 year plan and Unfinished business has NOTHING to do with each other. The only poor planning jagex done this year (yes, it was quite a major one as well at that) was the whole shift from 3 expansions a year to unfinished business.
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