DXP Weekend: Jagex Hates Me

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I wouldn't be bothered about it these days; Jagex is holding bxp weekends increasingly more often, to a point where in the future, you could be looking at one held each month.
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02-Jul-2019 19:37:50

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Kandoruus said:
Jagex puts DXP on my wife’s birthday weekend, RIP gainz.

I feel the same. For the last 2 years the February weekend has been when I'm away and this next one is when I'm due to be away again! I'm currently looking into the possibility of only going for the first half of the weekend.
edit to add. I'd assumed it would be late August like last year or even in September. I've been preparing supplies for a couple of months. *sigh*

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They lmost always have one 1-2 weekends before runefest. Trust me- talk to bosses and mark your calendars and be ready to take time off :) 10 200ms. Founder of Jamandy52 skilling clan. Love skilling. Love minigames.
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03-Jul-2019 18:45:17

A Thorondor
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I felt like this at first, like DXP planning was always against me. But I was also questioning myself: is this game not fun enough, that I'd take every chance to play it so I have to play less of it?

Now I'm maxed and don't need the DXP and am somewhat happy I didn't arrange real life around those weekends back then. Your wife is more important, enjoy your time with her without worry. :)

05-Jul-2019 07:55:41

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It ends just on my birthday, and I'm taking some summer classes, the majority of which will be over just before it starts. Honestly, I'm kind of relieved to actually have this as a way to celebrate having less obligation.

But yes, your wife's birthday comes first. Hope she has a great one!

06-Jul-2019 16:43:02

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