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I recently got an invitation to RS3 on mobile and I could not be anymore thrilled. I have tried some normal day to day tasks I do when I play it on PC and there seems to be just one possible solution to RS on mobile that everyone I'm sure would agree.

Make it more mobile friendly. The controls are basically just for the PC. It's like the developers just copy and pasted the game and plugged it unto a mobile. It's very difficult to move around especially if you want to hover on something.

Take a look at Ragnarok Online. It has it's own mobile game and it's exactly the way the PC version is except, it has those button pads instead of having to click where your character would go. Make RS mobile just like that. Include an option to have a button pad so moving and hovering over things would be a lot easier.

Change the interface of the game made solely just for mobile. This isn't a PC. There is no mouse or a keyboard to make things convenient. I believe you guys created RS mobile for the sake of conveniency. Well, this isn't convenient at all. I could barely stay on RS mobile for 30 mins. On a lighter note, I hope this all goes well and hope the best for Jagex!

Make it mobile friendly.

29-Oct-2017 02:52:58



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That is good then if they're already working on improving gameplay.

Performance wise, it's pretty impressive considering my android phone is bruised up. No lag or FPS drop. The transition of the graphics from pc to mobile is good.

Hope it does well. Really looking forward to skilling while I do other stuff that requires me away from my desk.

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