Mobile Population(Speculative)

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I am rather hopeful that RS mobile will bring a massive player count...

If so, I am curious how the devs plan to cope with it?

As it stands right now it takes a quick hand or a multicannon to get tags in some areas.

Any thoughts or suggestions on how this issue might be solved if/when a huge new player group comes in?

05-Sep-2018 04:45:13

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I am doubtful an old game already established in the West for so many year will bring in "a massive player count" through Mobile, which has the exact same game plays as the PC version. The only way that "a massive player count" will come to Mobile is, I believe, is from uncharted areas in the world, most likely Asian countries.

If this is the case, it will certainly be a good thing for Jagex and the players. I think new Asian servers will be likely under this scenario as the new players from the new markets will more than likely be able to pay for the servers plus a lot more. That said, no concern to current players.

05-Sep-2018 18:15:08

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