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Giant Cape

Giant Cape

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Stackable ore is now a thing that's coming to RS3!
Jagex say this is not a final update they want to try and get it balanced while the ores stack etc.

What do you think of this if this come in as an update available for everyone.
I took this screenshot below from the RuneScape twitch stream.

Stackable Ores

Stackable Bars
RuneScape 3
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You've heard my comments on it granted I don't have 200mil in either yet heck don't even have 120's but well over 99 and like I said it will certainly be different. Granted I did alot of my smithing within daemonheim ironically. Where I could chill at a forge til running out of ore's or in Priff at the forge in Trahearn district converting 100k + of corrupted ore to smithing xp. ~Tranq~
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Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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Maybe the stacks will be limited in size depending on the type of ore/bar? Stacks of copper or tin ore/bronze bars could be for example 250, coal 125, rune ore/bars 20. This way you could take more with you, but not an infinite amount. The Wiki needs a hand, and Bwian's will gladly take the rest of your (carcinogenic) body!

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