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J R Kerr said:
no idc farm xp. it happened by accident. they can nerf farm xp all they want.

its the breed rate changes and pen aspects. those changes are awful.

but the high functioning autistic bear cubs driving this change are doing based on complaints that herb seeds dropped by their party bosses have declined in value. THATS NOT MY PROBLEM NOW OR EVER.

we were already helping those guys by using seedicides and burning everything. we can all turn it off and sell every seed from now on and let them know we did it to be mean.

I am not "reeking" like a frog or one of those pedo GRRM books. danerys gave consent at age 13? the books are terrible. I hate the GoT books and I wish I could opt out of the GoT names for animals at farms like... viserion or rhaegul whatever. I know the chinchompa names include ghilly. all that nerdy pedo crap all over this game.

but yeah say no to the change


02-Aug-2019 02:33:11

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Hello J R Kerr

This seems to be more of a rant, yet it also seems to be focused on telling other players how to play (?). Since your thread is lacking the constructive feedback that is required in the Future Game Updates forum to help developers, I've locked your thread.

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03-Aug-2019 21:08:37

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