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So I understand why the Nerf for PoF, but my biggest concern with the whole thing is the rate at which Zygomites will eat mushrooms now.

I have a claimed island with 3 mushroom patches on that I try to harvest to feed to my zygomites, but the amount of time it would take to harvest enough mushrooms to keep them fed at their new food eating rate is insane.

If I had all three pens, each with 4 Zygomites in it'd take 288 mushrooms a day to feed them.

That's a lot of mushrooms.


13-Sep-2019 21:04:33

Indy Cision
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While they eat mushrooms, the item doesn't HAVE to be called mushrooms (or be harvested from a mushroom patch) - the mort myre fungi are very quick to harvest and they eat those too.

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pof is just another mechanism for jagex to eat the time you spend in game without providing any entertainment aspect you are in for when deciding to play. i would not have touched pof myself if there was not for herbicide and seedicide upgrades. it is just another boring and braindead minigame they make you do it as you get benefit elsewhere. they actually make you feed virtual pet! geez, if i wanted to do that, i would play some virtual pet idiotic game. LOL

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It was already too expensive/time consuming to keep farming zygos. I got a few shiny males and switched to spiders a while ago. After the update I will most likely leave those pens empty.

14-Sep-2019 15:55:02

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the nerf anoys me alot since yes the xp is alot with little effort but they eat way to much food after like zygo's for example but the breeding rate from them is also more then 24 hours idk what they where thinking tbh
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Other ways of farming mushrooms:
Polypore Creatures (yes, Ganodermic Beasts do have the best drop rate)
Gargoyles (Mort Myre Mushrooms)
Cast Bloom ... lots and lots of times. Several ways to replenish prayer for free.

16-Sep-2019 02:49:31

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You can harvest 100 Arc mushrooms every 30 minutes, so that's <90 mins to feed them each day (but you only need to feed them up when you plan to harvest them).

You can also buy honey to get health/happiness to 100/100 pretty quickly and (currently) cheaply. I think honey is tradeable now, right?

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