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Hey all,

You may have noticed a new brand of survey ingame. It is called ‘Build-a-Backlog’, and it asks you to select updates that you would like us to work on and release. These are all ideas that have come up over the past month.

The aim of this survey is to make our backlog of updates completely transparent, so you can see everything that we are even considering. By getting you to vote on them, we can get a sense of the updates that are wanted early in the process, working on them sooner if they have a lot of love, or pushing them down the backlog if they don’t.

A number of these are new ideas, and would benefit from further explanation. Thus, this post.

Smaller Updates:

Feedback has been received on one of the options, and we will be changing it to the following:

Allow players to change what left-click/hotkey does for items on their action bar – Currently, elements on your action bar have left-click/hotkey actions, and a menu of further options on right-clicking. This project would allow you to configure what the left-click/hotkey would trigger from that list of options. This is individual per action bar slot, so an item could be on the action bar multiple times, with different actions on each slot.

Bounty Hunter closure and reward redistribution – Put simply, this update would close down Bounty Hunter, which is heavily boosted for rewards. Those rewards would be split between PvP and non-PvP activities, depending on the nature of the items.

Dungeoneering contracts: goals for dungeoneers – Like Arc contracts, this would be a noticeboard outside Dungeoneering that gives the player random and frequently changing tasks. These might be killcounts, resources, time-limits to beat and more. Rewards would likely by XP, tokens and perhaps bespoke unlocks in the Dungeoneering shop.

Elite Hunter creatures – Similar to the Elite Slayer Creatures update, this would randomly spawn larger creatures with much greater rewards. The player would have to catch these creatures, which might require more skill, effort or time (working with others might also increase chance of capture).

Elite Summoning familiars: rare pouches with extra bonuses – When creating pouches, there might be a rare chance of generating an untradable version of that pouch. This would summon a familiar that is recoloured/slightly larger than the conventional one, with enhanced versions of the existing benefits, or – perhaps – new benefits.

Encouraging exploration: hidden items across the game world – We have two potential designs for this: one puts cartographers in the game world, who will reward the player if they complete ‘maps’ of each region by exploring it. The other puts a finite number of items in hidden places around the world, and rewards players on finding them. The aim of both is to make exploration, and the searching of all nooks in the game world, more viable and fun.

Faster Menaphos reputation: x2 across the board – This would be a flat x2 increase on all reputation gained in Menaphos. We do not feel it is in a place we are happy with, and would like to make a simple change before other Menaphos Improvements. It is likely we would launch this with reputation-gain from Pyramid Plunder.

Gielinor Games Agility ‘sprint’ card game – bringing it back – If you were playing RuneScape six years ago, you may remember the Gielinor Games. One of those events was very popular: a sprint minigame that encouraged you to place cards that represented different actions, and to cross the finishing line first. We would bring that event back, perhaps with some slight XP rebalancing and graphical improvement.

Loot caskets dropped from skilling – We want to bring more ‘Wow’ moments to skilling. This would bring another Triskelion-style rare reward to solely non-combat skilling, but would give you the immediate opportunity to open that chest/casket. Inside would be resources and other, more uncommon items.

New Invention tools: Hunter inc. clockwork falcon – This update would bring another skill into Invention. All hunter tools would be augmentable (or you would be able to make Invention versions of the traps). This would include a clockwork falcon, as clockwork falcons are cool.

Pyramid Plunder hard mode – After a decade of being ingame, Pyramid Plunder is still well played, and we would like to propose that it gains a ‘hard mode’ – more risk, more reward, more frantic play. This would include new rewards and would not necessarily be in the same location (it could be an addition to Menaphos, for example).

Medium Updates:

Alternate Divination training method – There are criticisms that Divination is too intensive to be laid back, and too laid back to be fun. This would offer an alternative method of training Divination that finds a sweet spot of either intensity or AFK.

Dungeoneering Trekking: Temple Trekking in Dungeoneering – Fremennik warriors are eager to test themselves in the bowels of Daemonheim. They need a guide, though, which is where you come in. Choose a warrior, and complete floors with an NPC ally. Come back with Dungeoneering XP, tokens and new unlocks for the Dungeoneering shop.

Garden of Tranquillity 2: making Varrock attractive - Win a construction contract from the King to rebuild the dilapidated part of Varrock in a sequel quest to Garden of Tranquillity. Use your own materials and gather some unique parts/resources from around the world. Rewards would be the gold for the contract, some Construction XP and some buildings that now have use, such as a new shop, etc. This would likely be dependent on a Varrock graphical rework.

High-level falconry, inc. falcon familiar and graphical rework – Falconry is only really viable at mid-levels, so this will bring new high-level kebbits to catch at the top levels. This will include new charms and secondaries to make a falcon summoning familiar at high levels. It will also include a rework of character models and the area.

Invention golems: gathering daily items (flax, staves, etc) – At high Invention levels, a player will be able to make a golem. This golem can be programmed to automatically gather resources from a selection of NPCs that give them on a daily basis: think pineapples, flax, staves, perhaps even Miscellania. This makes the golem a one-stop location for daily resources.

Kuradal’s origin quest – A standalone quest or saga that goes into the origins of how Kuradal was trained as a slayer master by her father, the esteemed Duradal. Who was her mother? What were these trials like? What drove her to continue down the dangerous and sacred path her father trod before her?

New aquarium fish: Waterfall, Dungeoneering & Deep Sea – Travel to Elf City Waterfall Fishing, Dungeoneering and the Deep Sea Fishing Platform to get new golden eggs to add to your Aquarium. Perhaps gain new perks, and unlock more locations for your Aquarium, including a method of gaining Master Clues.

Player-owned armoury: show off your collection – A surface-world location, likely near Artisan’s Workshop, where you can store, collect and show off your collection of weapons and gear. This comes with achievements, titles and an item log for gaining any armours and weapons without help from the Grand Exchange.

Skillcape quests: level 99 reqs, improved skillcapes & perk choice - When you talk to the Hunter Skillcape Master, she mentions that there is a creature called the raharni wildcat who is hunted to make the material for skillcapes. This quest takes you on a mission to hunt that creature, with improved skillcapes and additional perks to choose from as a reward. We are undecided whether the quest should require a Hunter Skillcape (making this the first skillcape quest, with others in the future) or it should require any skillcape, and give you multiple methods of capturing the wildcat. We would likely poll this decision.

Trimmed Skill/Combat Pets - The ability to trim your skill pet. This could be through a miniquest that tasks you with completing skill feats with your pet in tow, or to gain the pet for a second time (we would poll which of the two options is preferred).

Larger Updates:

Araxxor quest – A quest that explores what Araxxor is and how it came to be. Why do vampyres fear it? What does it want? It would not be a requirement to be able to defeat Araxxor.

Aura rework: bring down prices and gain currency from logging in – There are clear improvements we could make to the aura system: we could make the currency gainable each day that you log in, rather than concurrent days of membership, which feels fairer; we could rebalance auras to be less expensive; we could dramatically bring down the price of auras that feel like a requirement for competing in certain content.

Challenge improvements: parity across challenges & reduce Dailyscape – The challenge system is a successful part of the game, but it has flaws that we would like to address: challenges are very uneven, with some requiring large amounts of time and effort and others virtually none; rewards sometimes not feeling like adequate compensation; newer content not having challenges associated with it. We would also like to try out changes that would reduce Dailyscape, including challenges that just ask for an amount of XP gained in a day, so it doesn’t determine how you train.

Clan boss – A boss so gargantuan and difficult to defeat that no individual could take it down. Instead, individuals in a clan would try to chip away as much health of the monster as they can. If a clan, as a whole, manages to defeat the clan boss, then the player is given reward based on the % of damage they dealt to it.

Guild overhaul: make them relevant – Skill guilds are outdated and have been largely overtaken with places like Elf City. We will bring them up to date, and give a player a reason to traint here. This might also include the quest guilds, giving them a reason to exist.

Karamjan temple: Pyramid Plunder for Woodcutting – You can probably tell from this survey that we are big fans of Pyramid Plunder. But there is no reason why Pyramid Plunder has to be reserved for Thieving. Similar mechanics could be applied to Woodcutting for example, and we love the idea of a large Incan-style temple in Karamja, overgrown and forgotten, containing information on the lost Karamjan god.

Player-owned town: be mayor and unlock characters – The player reclaims a portion of the Wilderness and uses it to house the various refugees of RuneScape. Various hotspots can be used to construct buildings (gaining Construction XP) and level those buildings up. Once built, you can attract NPCs to live in your town, either from quest content or by skilling in the open world. The player then makes decisions that affects the well-being of the town and its people.

Skill guide rework: offer more info on unlocks – The skill advance guide would benefit from more information on each unlock, so that new players, returning players and maybe even the odd current player could look at what has been unlocked, find out what it does, and find out how to make it/gain it.

Vorago origin quest – Vorago is an ancient being of anima. So, what’s the deal with that? When did it get created, and by whom? What is its purpose? What is it doing now that the Endgame is over? It would not be a requirement to be able to defeat Vorago.

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