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I have an idea for an alternative to skill capes. I call it skillsuits. skillsuits would essentially be a track suit depicting the logo of whatever skill you reached 99 in on the back. Each skillsuit would be in the color scheme of the original skillcapes. skillsuits would serve as a modern twist to skillcapes, and be another option for those tired of skillcapes. Skillsuits would not replace the already established skill capes they would just serve to be a cosmetic option for those who want to represent their skill mastery in a different way. in order for them not to interfere with the economy or armor, the suits would be purely cosmetic. TRILLWILL

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Duplicate thread closed.

Your thread in the New Game Content - Suggestions Forum is the better placed, so please continue to use that one.

Please remember that posting the same discussion in more than one Forum or posting more than once in the same Forum makes it difficult to figure out which thread to use and pushes other player’s threads off the Forums that much faster.

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