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When is runescape coming to console Just add a cursor and it should Run Smoothly on the console i havent played Rs in a long time mainly because i have a console now and no longer own a computer i have bin playing osrs non stop on my phone bud im realy killing my batery here so im hoping for a beter solution and i think that the console is the awnser to all our probleem i realy think you wil gain alot more players then yall ever wil on rs mobile eventho im super happy with it and bought membership straight away i would be mutch mutch happyer with a version of the game on the ps4 stil loved the game bin playing ever since i was a lil boy had some long breaks bud im hoping i can truely return too rs with a version for the console!! Please Make my Dream Come True jagex!
Playstation has a few games that are crossover with the computer

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Okay, so, rambling run-on sentence aside, there's a few problems with RS on console. If you think simply using a left stick for cursor and right stick for camera is enough, you're sadly mistaken. You'll also need a keyboard. Otherwise, good luck chatting, and using abilities efficiently is out of the question. On PC, even if you don't use keybinds for action bar(for example, I certainly don't), you can get away with using the mouse just fine in most situations because it's quick and responsive. Even making selections from the bank, inventory, worn equipment will be difficult. An analog stick won't be precise in the same way. You would constantly struggle with the controls, then you'd whine and moan about how it doesn't work.

I know from experience that this is a bad idea. For fun, I actually slapped Runescape onto my Steam Library a while back, and mapped inputs to my Steam Controller. I tried using the analog stick as the mouse, camera controlled by one of the trackpads. Was horrible. I switched them around, and the camera was easier to control, but cursor was still painfully imprecise. Runescape is NOT good for console. There is literally no way to make it so. Jagex would have to re-make the game entirely from scratch to make that happen, and even then, I have a feeling it would be sub-optimal.

Edit: Also, Mobile will definitely bring in more players than a hypothetical PS4 version of the game. Mobile games are WAY more popular than console games, mostly due to the fact that many more people have smartphones than home video game systems. So, your assertion that a PS4 release will bring in more players is quite false. Who would want to play Runescape on PS4 when they can already play FFXIV, a graphically and mechanically superior MMORPG?
Why RS Mobile is a stupid idea

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This is not a future game update, and it is a duplicate thread. As such, I am locking it.
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