Double xp weekend?

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CoffeeNomNom said:
The Day Planner mentions that it's "time to train" for the next double xp there another one in 2018?

That's likely a holdover from the original date DXP was scheduled to occur. It was brought forward to September this year, so it's already been and gone. We won't get another until around February.

It's possible Jagex could have decided to slot an additional DXP weekend in, because they could if they had reason to, however they've not told us anything about it if they have: they like to let the community know about DXP nice and early so everyone has a chance to prepare, and we've heard nothing about DXP since the last DXP.

So it's probably just an incorrect thing on the Day Planner.

24-Oct-2018 09:11:57

Yusou Bhoroi
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(Given it has now been posted on the Homepage, you likely already know this, but: )

16th of November, 12:00 Gametime, to 19th of November 12:00 Gametime (72 hours, mid-day, to mid-day).

29-Oct-2018 13:43:31

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