RS3 Future Expansions Theory

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Jeremy Cheng
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Jeremy Cheng

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There's rumors going around that jagex is secretly working on the 2nd runescape 3 expansion. Here are my 6 theories to what possibilities could the 2nd runescape 3 expansion be:

1. RS3 Zeah
The houses would most likely have different names and RS3 chambers of xeric would hopefully be a solo raid. Wintertodt would have to be properly balanced to be a viable fm training method and also have better rewards.

2. Eastern Lands Continent
As wonderful as the arc is, what players really wanted was the eastern lands continent. Unique to RS3, this could be a new area discovered after the defeat of xau-tak.

3. Wilderness Rejuvenation I
We all know that bh being removed and its rewards turned into wildy slayer rewards was 1/2 of a rejuvenation. RS3's very first wilderness rejuvenation could be an expansion that includes hard mode chaos elemental.

4. Underground Prifddinas
Players want prifddinas to be expanded. Underground prifddinas could explore lost clans like clanless elves and cywir elves.

5. Fossil Island
Personally I don't want fossil island as an expac, but rs3 fossil island could be the start of a new age (lore) of runescape.

6. Dimension of Disaster Expansion
The dimension has so much lore that could be explored. What would drakan have done if heroes hadn't killed him? What would Telos have done if it hadn't been stopped by the world guardian? What would be the fate of the elves if the dark lord hadn't been stopped?

Those are my 6 theories to the secret summer expansion of 2019.


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They gave up on the expansions concept cause they couldn't work fast enough.

Not sure if any could be this summer. I think 1 ,2,5 stand a good chance one day.

Think zeah was on a poll with other stuff, idk if it was highly rated. I think the arc was pretty well liked. Fossil Island remains an unfinished concept from the varrock museum think it has a decent hype behind it.

I think 3,4,6 are not too likely.

People hate the wilderness and BH was dead so doubtful they will waste more time on another failed region. For 6 they had the zombie survival tournament which didn't go well so I doubt they'd revisit that area for a while. For 4 I see people talk about the priffs' mining districts ladders letting us go underground,idk if its something they'd do though.

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Practically none of them as Jagex has revealed the "next big thing" preluded by the weekend Elder God event and the Desperate Times quest is the big summer event they talked about. I don't think Jagex has plans for 2 big summer event.

Just for the sake of this discussion although really not likely to happen this summer, I'll say Fossil Island will definitely not be it as Jagex already said so and by the same reasoning Zeah is being rule out too earlier by a Jmod on Twitter.

Among the remaining 4 choices, I'll say "6. Dimension of Disaster" since I think Jagex doesn't have to create new assets for any alternate realities in Disaster. For instance, they can just reuse New Varrock and The Moonclan Dream Land. That fits their bill of no new map but reuse of existing ones.

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Colour me impressed, this is the first post I've seen from you, Jeremy, that seems agreeable and not trolly.

The one I most look forward to are the Arc islands and Eastern Land, we already have all the maps, location names and their lores. The one most are anticipated for is the Skull region, ties in nicely with the existing lore.

I doubt wilderness rejuvenation will be viable, Jagex's been trying so hard to keep reviving the pvp scene. I think the rejuvenation will kill that.
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