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will we ever be able to convert the combat/skilling dummies for other combat/skilling dummies in the future? basically just like how proteans work
I'm at 165 ranged dummies in bank and still counting and i dont plan on using that ever unless i could convert into some skilling dummies

23-Oct-2018 03:21:22

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Xzzx4 said:
You can already do that. ?.

shes wanting to convert ranged dummies into skilling dummies which we cant do

even though im in same boat as you. all my combat dummies will never be used, as im 200m all combats. converting to skilling dummies would be awesome.

but they are 2 different dummies. combat dummies and skilling dummies. they are the 2 different types of dummies which then have their sets they can be converted into

so i dont think it should happen and i doubt it will.... but who knows
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27-Oct-2018 10:52:23

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