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Listen to your player base.

The majority of people want it left alone.

It isn't fair to everyone that is working on 120/200m and gets screwed over now, compared to the guys that had it for the whole time.

You're just going to kill it off completely. Please stop making content dead, and just focus on new content.

The farming skill was terrible and annoying and you finally fixed it. Don't ruin it again.

14-Sep-2019 13:38:24

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Can't see them listening beyond these extremely small changes to the sledgehammer nerf.. Hate that they've decided to go further than an exp nerf, I think we can all agree the rate of dragons are too high but to make breeding slower is a joke.. especially after they buffed the farm not too long ago with farmhands.

But like all the nerfs, no content months alongside the content graveyard.. Best way to show discontent is to take a break and then decide whether to come back later on.

15-Sep-2019 07:08:29

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lol what? every reasonable person agreed that the farm needed the nerf. the xp was way too high for the little input it needs. if people are working on 120 or 200m then they should be at least doing tree runs and pof. if they don't like tree runs or traditional farming methods then maybe they don't need 120 or 200m. Tell us about useless, low effort, non trolly posts here!
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15-Sep-2019 11:24:29

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the nerf is to much 50% xp drop and then also the breeding rate drop makes it close to dead content for me the xp drop ok but 20-30% less was way more reasonable but with the breeding nerf combined the xp nerf zygomites will be 100% dead content because they will not be worth it anymore an dragons will be like 1 dragon egg per 2 days?? they should have just nerfed xp or just nerfed breeding rate this nerf is more like lets try to make it realy low xp per day nad later they gonna make changes cause way less people use pof they add to many nerfs and the increased food you need is also something realy dumb
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15-Sep-2019 21:53:33

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