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I think I am correct in thinking that Rune will still be the highest level material that free to play players will be able to use but the level requirement is taken from level 85 to 50?

I was wondering if the smithing level requirements for making rune items such as platebody will also go down? and if they do, will there be anything new that F2p players can smith with 85+ smithing?

Also, will there be any ores that F2p players can mine after Rune at level 50?

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For the current tiering:
the basic plan is to make it like dungeoneering - Level 50 melee gear needs Level 50 mining to extract the ores, 50-59 to smith
So rune bars will go from 85 down to 50, rune platebods go from 99 to (I guess ... ) 59ish.

It's not 100% written in stone that the Tier 60 Orikalcum (Spelling), the metal like Dragon, will likely be available to F2P. but again, something may come up that makes the devs not do it.

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Hey Delta Slug,

I did some digging for information about what will be available F2P. So as you highlighted above Rune will be moving to Level 50 for smithing and smelting.

In addition, some of the new metals appear to be available in F2P Areas to what max level I am not sure. Obviously, with all the information we have being in a beta rework we have no idea if what will be available where and at what levels with 100% certainty. Keep your eyes to the forum for more updates
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Dark Guthix
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The only known new ore that F2P will be able to use to my knowledge is the tier 40 Luminite ore which will be used in making both Adamant and Rune bars as coal will no longer be used to make those.

I'm not sure how much Luminite ore will be needed to make each bar, but I'll just make a wild guess and say between 1-2 for Adamant and between 3-4 for Rune.

Should be interesting to see later on down the line on which of the higher tiers if any can be used by F2P so let us all wait and see.
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Uncle Pob

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A year or so ago, the plan was for T60 ore and gear, and potentially T70 (Mod Jack was prepared to consider this) to be available. Since then, T70 F2P has been removed from the plan. The most recent news I heard was that T60 ores are still planned to be mineable, but not smithable (for some reason, possibly relating to the location of secondaries?).

But remember; Rune will retain it's value for two reasons:

a) Aside from the GE, Runite is going to be made available only to those who mine it, and Rune Bars only to those who smelt it. Rune equipment is also being removed from drop tables. This will make Rune a whole lot more "rare" than it currently is, where an enormous surplus is injected into the market by PvM.

b) Rune is going to be a principal ingredient of Elder Rune. Considering the already laborious process of gathering the materials needed to make a full set of Elder Rune gear, and the time needed to smith all that (and you can multiply it up when you factor-in people making Masterwork Elder Rune), most smiths will probably be buying their Rune bars by that point rather than mining it themselves. And they'll need a lot.

So while Rune items won't alch for anywhere near as much as they used to, there should emerge a niche in the market where F2P are still able to smelt Rune bars and sell them directly to P2P smiths, who need them to make their Elder Rune bars. That demand is real demand, not an arbitrary alch-figure, meaning Rune *might* end up being *more* profitable to gather and smelt than it currently is (where the price is pretty much fixed at around alch-value, because that's all Rune items are really used for).

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As far as I know, F2P is capped at Rune equipment, as well as Runite rocks (spanning 50-59 smithing and 50 mining). Everything above is for members-only.

Due the rework in smithing, F2P do have access to + smithing, which implies that they will be able to make equipment like Rune Longsword +3, effectively upping the base level of runite equipment to 53.

Other general changes are distributed (between F2P and members-only) as normal. Stuff like ore boxes, artisan workshop rework, etc.

One new thing will be gem rocks in Al Kharid mines, allowing F2P a source for semi-precious gems used in low level bolts.
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SS Great One said:
They should just make mining 120 lol Also I should probably start a stock pile of rune ore aye??
Seeing as how Mining is a F2P skill designed with 99 in mind, and the rework isn't changing that, I don't think it should be bumped up to 120 any time soon. One day, but not for a long while.

As for stockpiling Runite ore, go for it? It isn't necessary, however. Mining will be made less competitive(similar to Woodcutting), and as Runite will drop to T50, it will likely be made more abundant, as well. Not to mention easier to mine.

On topic: Yeah, I don't think F2P will be getting anything beyond Rune. I'm not 100% certain, I haven't read the entirety of the design documents, or watched livestreams, etc, but I doubt F2P will get T60 gear(and they shouldn't. Corrupt Dragon is stupid enough). Effectively free T60 armor and weapons for Melee would be quite unbalanced in F2P, and seeing as PvP is on life support, that's just going to kill it for good.
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Peaky said:
As for stockpiling Runite ore, go for it? It isn't necessary, however. Mining will be made less competitive(similar to Woodcutting), and as Runite will drop to T50, it will likely be made more abundant, as well. Not to mention easier to mine.

rune bars become an ingredient for the t90 elder rune bars, so there is a potential moneymaker for f2p. also after the rework the ores never deplete so it won't be competitive at all
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