Domesticating Pof animals?

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Imho the grind of killing endless wild animal to get an orphan for Pof is boring (and also kinda cruel?) Here is an idea for an alternative.

You can catch wild baby animals; those already exist for chromatic dragons except green and could be added for other Pof species, or setting up a Pof-specific trap (e.g., in the yak pen) could yield a baby animal (e.g., baby yak).

Animals obtained this way are wild specimen and need to be domesticated. For this, they need to be alone in a pen for a certain time, depending on the species - rabbits would domesticate rather quickly, dragons would take a long time. This speed is modified by the lower of their health and happiness; e.g., if the lower value is 33%, then domesticating would take three times as long.

They will also occasionally try to escape. At first, they will damage the pen which must then be repaired. The extent of the damage depends on the species, a rabbit will just try to burrow under the fence, requiring a plank to fix. A dragon will burn down the pen, requiring several mahogany planks and rune nails to fix. If an animal tries to escape while the pen is already damaged, it will get away. The frequency and cost of pen repair should be balanced so it is comparable to other means of obtaining Pof animals (trade value or time cost of killing).

Thus the gameplay would be: catch a baby animal, put it in a pen by itself, improve its health and happiness. Frequently check back to see if it tried to escape and fix the pen if necessary. If the player cannot play for a while, he can take the animal out of the pen; this pauses the domestication progress but also prevents escape attempts.


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No support. There are only 6 pens, 7 if you count the breeding pen, so I don't even see how that would be possible now. It would require some major code re-working to implement it and possibly even more paddocks or training pens for the sole purpose of officially domesticating them vs auto-domesticating like we have now; not to mention the issue of taking up even more space in Ardy. I don't think your idea is bad, but we are too far in already to have it added.

I'm not sure what you mean that we already get dragons via capturing, except for green dragons? All the chromatic dragons have to be killed for a PoF egg, not captured. Chins are not killed, but you you have to grind out hunting them to capture them, and Spirit Yaks are received via summoning. Your idea for capturing animals vs killing would be just as much of a grind as hunting to capture, if not more so. Of course, people can avoid grinding for eggs/babies by just buying from other players or borrowing from friends.

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